Introduce your skin to the revolutionary salon treatments and plant based products of Guinot, epitomising the great traditions of French skin care.

Guinot Facials

Hydradermie - The Star Treatment
£501 hour
This unique innovation enables fast and deep penetration using double ionisation technology combined with active ingredients , resulting in exceptional effectiveness.
Age Summum - Ultimate Anti-Ageing
£6550 mins
This serum of Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Pro Collagen targets signs of ageing. These active ingredients penetrate into the skin using the summum anti-ageing facial massage.

Hydra Peeling - Radiance Treatment
£6550 mins
The skin rejuvenating treatment with two peeling options, adjusted and prescribed based on your beauty goals and skin level. Brightens skin tone and diminishes dark spots.
Liftosome - Firming and Lifting
£6550 mins
This treatment focuses on restoring firmness and youth to skin that is showing signs of ageing and fatigue. Provides instant definition and a long lasting lift.

Aromatic Facial with Essential Oils
£4045 mins
This luxurious treatment uses carefully selected plant concentrates to bring natural beauty to your skin. Includes cleanse, tone, massage and mask.

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