Environ Facials

Advanced non surgical face and body treatments, rated one of the most anti-ageing treatments available.

Active Vitamin Treatment
£651 hour
Vitamins A, C & antioxidants are driven deep into the skin layers, using sound waves suitable for all signs of premature ageing, with measurable differences after one session.
£851 hour 30 mins
Collagen Power Facial
£651 hour
A peptide collagen packed facial to boost, soften lines and tighten the skin.
£851 hour 30 mins

Frown Treatment
£6545 mins
A special peptide serum targets frown lines with dramatic results. The serum targets the same chemical complexes as injectables.
Hydraboost Facial
£751 hour
Hyaluronic acid facial, perfect for lacklustre skin to hydrate, plump and firm.

Precision Facial
£4530 minutes
Targets specific areas of concern using unique skin care techniques to ensure effective results.
Purifying Treatment
£4530 mins
Created to purify, micro exfoliate and rehydrate – assisting with acne scarring and deep skin congestion.

Advanced Nutrition Programme
A cutting edge range of supplements to support skin care requirements, feeding skin from inside. Price on application.

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